Online Graduate Certificate in Applied Nutrition & Culinary Medicine


The new, online graduate certificate in Applied Nutrition and Culinary Medicine is a 12-credit program designed for health and medical professionals. This graduate certificate spans three colleges at the University of Kentucky and is a collaborative endeavor to bring graduate-level nutrition education beyond classroom walls, to any health and medical professional that seeks to promote positive health outcomes using evidence-based nutrition information. Online courses are developed and taught by faculty instructors in the Colleges of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Health Sciences and Medicine.  

Core coursework explores the basic principles and underlying mechanisms of nutritional strategies for the healthy and diseased patient, as well as practical culinary approaches to bridge evidence-based nutrition recommendations with food selection, cooking and preparation. Elective courses offer supplemental skills to enhance any health professionals’ toolkit, such as applicable and current information on dietary supplements, social marketing for behavior change, and community programming. All courses utilize the latest research and are offered in an interactive, inclusive e-learning environment. Flexibility of this completely online program permits students to complete the program at their own pace. Certificate holders will be better equipped to support the nutrition education needs of their patients and clients, and to understand the role of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists as part of a healthcare team. 


This graduate certificate is perfect for:  

  • Physicians 

  • Physician assistants  

  • Nurses 

  • Physical therapists 

  • Medical professionals in postgraduate training, including residents and fellows 

  • Any healthcare professional seeking knowledge to augment their practice with enhanced nutrition education  

  • Postbaccalaureate students exploring online programs and interested in graduate-level nutrition education  


Holders of the graduate certificate will be able to:

  1. Discuss the basic principles of select nutritional strategies for the healthy and diseased patient. 
  2. Describe the role of an inter-professional team for optimal treatment.  
  3. Explain the physiological mechanism(s) underlying chronic disease development related to nutrition status.  
  4. Describe the importance of cooking, food and nutrition to health and well-being, and for selected health conditions applying evidence-based nutrition recommendations.

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