NSPS Officer - 2020/2021

Eleanor Johnson, President:

Ellie Johnson is a Pharmacology Ph.D. candidate in Dr. Eric Blalock’s lab. Her research focuses on how RNA degradation impacts gene expression in transcriptional profiling and how progesterone impacts the stress response in rats. Outside of the lab, Ellie is the External Affairs Officer for the Graduate Student Congress, Special Assistant to the Director of Legislative Affairs for the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students, and President of Kentucky Advocates for Science Policy and Research. When she is not on campus, she enjoys practicing martial arts, walking, and listening to podcast and audiobooks.

Courtney Turpin, Vice- President:

Courtney Turpin is a Ph.D. student in Nutritional Sciences in the laboratory of Dr. Brett Spear. Courtney’s research focus is the role of Zinc Fingers and Homeoboxes 2 (Zhx2) in obesity-derived fatty liver disease. In addition to being an officer in NSPS, she has also served as a member of the BGSO (Biomedical Graduate Student Organization) Community Outreach committee. Outside of research, Courtney enjoys running, reading, and spoiling her dog.

Adam Ghoweri, Secretary:

Adam Ghoweri is a Pharmacology PhD student in the lab of Dr. Olivier Thibault. His research pertains to the role of calcium dysregulation as a precipitating factor in Alzheimer's disease progression. Using sharp electrode electrophysiology and calcium imaging, he studies neuronal physiology in the hippocampus of aging transgenic mice. He is a trainee on the Sanders Brown TRIAD T32 Training Grant and an active member of multiple organizations on campus such as NSPS, TRAC, a near peer mentor for STEPS, and BGSfN. When Adam isn't in the laboratory, he enjoys fitness, music, photography, and going on spontaneous adventures.

Lucy Yanckello, Treasurer

Lucy Yanckello is a Ph.D. student in Nutritional Sciences in the laboratory of Dr. Ai-ling Lin. Lucy’s research focuses on ways to prevent aging and age related diseases through dietary modulation of the gut microbiome. In addition to being an officer in NSPS, she is a T32 fellow on the NIDDK training grant. Outside of research, Lucy enjoys going to Orange Theory and binge watching reality TV shows