Departmental courses related to the Ph.D. and M.S. Program Requirements. See the MS Handbook and the PhD Handbook for more information on Nutritional Sciences curriculum. For current course listings, please consult the Schedule of Nutritional Sciences courses. Please contact Dr. Glauert if you have any question.

NS 601 – Integrated Nutritional Sciences I  (3 CREDITS)
The material covered in CNU/NS 601 consists of three major emphasis areas:  (1) review of carbohydrate, lipid, and protein structure, synthesis, absorption, and metabolism, (2) the impact of nutritional influences on macronutrient metabolism to health and disease, (3) the influence of macronutrient metabolism on the regulation of energy balance.

NS 602 – Integrated Nutritional Sciences II  (3 CREDITS)
Integrated study of the properties, metabolism, biochemical and physiological functions and interactions of vitamins and minerals, and their relationships to chronic diseases, deficiency symptoms and toxicity.

NS/CNU 603 - Integrated Nutritional Sciences III  (2 CREDITS)
Working knowledge of dietary requirements and guidelines, nutritional assessment, food safety issues and nutritional requirements through the lifecycle.

NS 605 - Advanced Sports Nutrition (3 CREDITS)
Emphasis is directed toward nutrition as applied to prevention of disease through lifestyle management and the application of nutrition in exercise and sport.

NS 606 - Molecular Biology Applications in Nutrition (2 CREDITS)                                                               Focus will be on the use of the most recently developed techniques and model systems in molecular biology for studying nutrient regulation of gene expression.

NS 609 - Ethics in Clinical Research (1 CREDIT)                                                                                     Representative issues addressed may include data selection and retention, plagiarism, scientific review of grants and manuscripts, scientific misconduct, and informed consent.

NS 704 - Current Topics in Nutrition  (1 CREDIT)                                                                                      Discussions of relevant publications representing cutting edge topics in nutritional sciences

NS 771 - Graduate Seminar in Nutritional Sciences  (0-1 CREDITS)                                                         Seminars by students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty both internal and external to the University in areas of nutritional sciences.

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.