Yadi Wu, Ph.D.

Bio / Education: 

Ph.D in immunology; Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese
Academy of Sciences, Shanghai, China

Selected Publications: 

1. Wu Y*, Wang Y, Yang X, Kang T, Zhao Y, Wang C, Evers BM, and Zhou BP*. Deubiquitinase USP28 Confers Breast Cancer with Stem Cell-like Traits by Stabilizing LSD1. Cell Reports, 2013, In press (* Correspondence Author)
2. Dong C, Yuan T*, Wu Y*, Wang Y*, Fan TW, Yao J, Lin Y, St Clair D, Evers BM, and Zhou BP. Loss of FBP1 by Snail-mediated Repression Provides Metabolic Advantages in Basal-like Breast Cancer. Cancer Cell, 23(3):316-31, 2013 (* Contribute equally).
3. Dong C, Wu Y, Wang Y, Wang C, Chi Y, Evers BM, and Zhou BP. Interaction with Suv39H1 is critical for Snail-mediated E-cadherin Repression in Breast Cancer. Oncogene, 32(11):1351-62, 2013.
4. Dong C, Wu Y, Wang Y, Yao J, Yu Y, Rychahou PG, Evers BM, and Zhou BP. G9a Interacts with Snail and is Critical for Snail-mediated E-cadherin Repression in Breast Cancer. J Clin Invest, 122(4):1469-86, 2012.
5. Lin Y*, Wu Y*, Li J, Dong C, Ye X, Chi Y.-I, Evers BM, and Zhou BP. The SNAG Domain of Snail1 Functions as a Molecular Hook for Recruiting Lysine-specific Demethylase 1, EMBO J, Jun 2;29(11):1803-16, 2010. (*Co-first author)
Paper was selected by Faculty 1000
Commentary Coverage: Christofori G, Snail1 links transcriptional control with epigenetic regulation, EMBO J, 29, 1787-1789, 2010
6. Wu Y and Zhou BP. Snail: More than Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition. Cell Adhesion & Migration, 4(2), 199-203, 2010.
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10. Wu Y, Deng J, Rychahou PG, Qiu S, Evers BM, and Zhou BP. Stabilization of Snail Is Required for Inflammation-Induced Cell Migration and Invasion, Cancer Cell, 15(5):416-28, 2009.
Featured Article of May 2009 issue of Cancer Cell with commentary from:
Preview: Yang CC, Wolf DA. Inflamed snail speeds metastasis. Cancer Cell, 15(5):355-7, 2009.
Leading Edge: Smith OM, Metastasis proceeds at more than a Snail’s pace, Cell, 137, 591, 2009.
Nature Cell Migration Gateway: Baumann K, Inflammation-induced metastasis: Moving at a Snail's pace, June 2009.
11. Wu Y, Evers BM, and Zhou BP. Small C-terminal Domain Phosphatase Enhances Snail Activity through Dephosphorylation, J Biol Chem, 284(1):640-8, 2009.

yadi Wu

I focus on the breast cancer progression including metastasis, tumor dormancy and followed recurrence. Recurrence generally occurs relatively early, but remain indolent for protracted periods of time before becoming overt, life-threatening tumors. Despite the central role of recurrence in breast cancer mortality, little is known about the mechanisms responsible. Our recent studies suggested that Snail, a transcriptional repressor promoting mammary tumor recurrence is regulated by inflammation. Our further work will address the systemic, or "macroenvironmental", contribution to tumor dormancy and metastasis. We will use biochemical and animal model to elucidate the breast cancer metastasis and recurrence.

PubMed Publications: 

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