Victoria L. King, Ph.D.

Bio / Education: 

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY




University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY



Pharmaceutical Sciences

University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky



Cardiovascular Medicine

Selected Publications: 

1.King VL, Szilvassy SJ, Daugherty A. Interleukin 4 deficiency decreases atherosclerotic lesion formation in a site specific manner in female LDL receptor / mice. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2002; Mar 1;22(3):456 61.
2. King VL, Trivedi D, Gitlin J.R., Loftin CD. Selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition with celecoxib decreases angiotensin II-induced abdominal aortic aneurysm formation in mice. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol 2006 May;26(5):1137-43.
3. King VL, Cassis LA, Daugherty A. Interleukin-4 does not influence development of hypercholesterolemia or angiotensin II-induced atherosclerotic lesions. Am. J. Pathol. 2007 171: 2040-2047.
4. Arsenescu V, Arsenescu RI, King VL, Swanson H, Cassis LA. Polychlorinated Biphenyl 77 Induces Adipocyte Differentiation and Proinflammatory Adipokines and Promotes Obesity and Atherosclerosis. Environ Health Perspect 2008; 116(6); 761-768.
5. Wilson P, Thompson JC, Webb NR, King VL, Tannock LR. Serum Amyloid A, but not C-Reactive Protein Stimulates Vascular Proteoglycan Synthesis in a Pro-Atherogenic Manner. Am. J. Pathol. 2008; 173(6): 1902-1910.

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