Trustee Statement

My nearly 25 years as faculty member at the University of Kentucky has provided me with invaluable insights into the strengths and challenges of the commonwealth that we serve. As a researcher and educator, I have gained a good understanding of the needs of the faculty as we seek new discoveries and inspire the next generation. As a member of the University Senate and Senate Council, I have been consistently impressed by the compassion and high standards of my faculty colleagues as they represent their disciplines, departments and colleges. I have been honored to serve as the chair of both the University Senate Council and the College of Medicine Faculty Council where we have addressed the many difficult issues that challenge our institutions of higher education and academic medical centers. In addition, I have chaired several university-wide committees that have focused on key, university-wide issues. This includes the Review Committee (2011) that assessed the status of the University of Kentucky and laid the foundation for many of the positive changes that have transformed our campus. In these leadership roles, I have sought to listen carefully to those who express diverse opinions, develop consensus and practice shared leadership such that in my role as the leader, I could be confident that I truly served as the voice of the faculty. More recently, I have been privileged to lead the Women’s Executive Leadership Development program which has allowed me to interact with an impressive group of campus leaders, identify their needs and provide them with support as they prepare themselves for undertaking new challenges.
With my breadth of leadership experiences I am uniquely poised to serve as your faculty trustee. As your trustee, I promise to represent you with a strong work ethic, integrity, honesty and transparency.