Student of the Year 2017-2018: Jessie Hoffman

Jessie Hoffman is a graduate student in Dr. Hennig's Laboratory.

"During her time in the PhD program so far, Jessie has published 6 papers, 2 as first author. She has another paper currently under review, and has authored several nutrition-related booklets.
She has been elected the student representative for the American Society of Nutrition, is student liaison for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and has been extremely active in our NS/Pharm Student Association.
With Nika Larian, she submitted and was successful in receiving a UK Food Connections grant.
And finally, she has gone out into the community and provided high quality workshops for county extension offices.
Jessie, congratulations on all of your accomplishments and thank you for being such a great ambassador for our department!"
Dr. Nancy Webb.