Dr. Sara Police: Faculty of the Year 2017-2018

While there are many awards that recognize scholarship and research, the Faculty of the Year Award presents the unique opportunity for the Nutritional Sciences and Pharmacology Students to recognize faculty for their dedication to student growth and development. When we ask students for faculty nominations, we encourage students to consider the faculty members who are particularly dedicated to student success through student engagement. This year, the students expressed overwhelming support for the recipient of this year’s Faculty of the Year Award. Not only is the recipient an excellent role model for character, service, and mentorship, she’s also probably the nicest person you’ve ever met. She’s incredibly supportive and serves as a sounding board for our students. She is dedicated to creating opportunities for students to advance their professional development, communication, community service, and camaraderie within the student body. She has been involved in inviting outside speakers to speak to our student group. Furthermore, she participated in the April NSPS Professional Development Workshop with her presentation on crafting effective cover letters and CVs. She is constantly encouraging students to strengthen their writing and communication skills, which led to students publishing two articles in Health and Wellness magazine in the first half of 2018. She’s a supporter of community engagement through service, and she can often be found alongside her students at community service events. She is undeniably dedicated and passionate about this department and its students. On behalf of NSPS, I am pleased to present the Faculty of the Year Award to Dr. Sara Police.

Nika Larian, 
President of the NSPS Association