Seeking Degree

Lab / Field of Study

Nermin AhmedM.S. in Nutritional SciencesClinical Nutrition
Gertrude ArthurM.S. in Nutritional SciencesMolecular Nutrition
 Reem BasaqrPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Thomas

Aaron Chacon

Ph.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Guo

Ya-Hsuan Chang

Ph.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Lin

Erin Crum

Ph.D. in PharmacologyDr. Kilgore
Adam Ghoweri Ph.D. in PharmacologyDr. Thibault
Reham HasanainM.S. in Nutritional SciencesClinical Nutrition

Dan Hao

Ph.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Xiangan Li

Shaodan HeM.S. in Nutritional SciencesMolecular Nutrition
 Peter HeckerPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Temel 

Ito Misa

Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Xiangan Li
Aida Javidan  Ph.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Venkateswaran Subramanian
Eleanor JohnsonPh.D. in PharmacologyDr. Blalock
Jacqueline Leachman Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences Dr. Loria

Erick Lewis

M.S. in Nutritional SciencesClinical Nutrition
 Genny (Han) Ly Ph.D. in Pharmacology Dr. F. Despa
Anastasia LyonPh.D. in PharmacologyDr. Plattner
Murong Ma

Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Luo
Shayan MohammadmoradiPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Daugherty
Xufang MuPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Guo

Kellea NicholsPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Yiannikouris

Chi Peng

Ph.D. in Pharmacology

Dr. Abdel-Latif

Hsuan Peng Ph.D. in PharmacologyDr. Abdel-Latif
Brittany Rice Ph.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Pearson

Michaelia Skleres

M.S. in Nutritional Sciences

Wellness and Sport Nutrition 
Courtney TurpinPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Brett Spear
 Yongchao Wang Ph.D. in PharmacologyDr. Luo
Mitchell WattsM.S. in Nutritional SciencesClinical Nutrition
 Chia-Hua WuPh.D. in Nutritional SciencesDr. Hong Lu
Mengfan XiaPh.D. in PharmacologyDr.  Ortinski
Lucille Yanckello

Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences

Dr. Ai-ling Lin
Alyaa zagzoog

M.S. in Nutritional Sciences

Clinical Nutrition