Research Staff

Name Position Laboratory
Heba H. Ali Research Associate Dr. Cassis
Katie Anderson Research Analyst Dr. Thibault
Lawrence Brewer, Ph.D. Research Associate Senior Dr. Porter
Dianne Marie Cohn, PhD Research Analyst Dr. Loria
Victoria L English Research Associate Senior Dr. Cassis
Jacqueline A Frank Laboratory Technician Senior/UKHC Dr. Luo
John C Gant, Ph.D. Scientist III Dr. Landfield
Stacy E. Hinchey Temporary Laboratory Technician Dr. Plattner
Wendy Katz, Ph.D. Research Associate Senior Dr. Cassis (Mouse metabolism and histology services for COBRE investigators)
Andy (Hui) Li, Ph.D. Research Associate Dr. Gang Chen
Murong Ma Technical Scientific Dr. Changcheng Zhou
Hasiyet Memetimin Research Associate Dr. Shuxia Wang
Se Hyung Park, PhD Research Associate Dr. Zhou
Xiaoli Peng Research Analyst Principal Dr. Sanda Despa
Yipeng Sui. PhD Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Zhou
Sara Ngo Y Tenlep Laboratory Technician Senior Dr. Pearson
Véronique C Thibault Academic Coordinator, Equipment and Space Inventory Officer , Website maintenance 3
Xin Wang, Ph.D. Post-Doctoral Scholar Dr. Luo
Hong Xu Research Associate Dr. Luo
Mei Xu, Ph.D. Research Associate/UKHC Dr. Luo