Nutritional Sciences

Hua QuingMultidisciplinary research in Nutritional Sciences has become increasingly important because a large majority of chronic diseases that are a major health concern in the U.S. have a nutritional basis in disease prevention, development, and therapy.

The Nutritional Sciences Division provides unique opportunities for wide-ranging interdisciplinary research collaborations targeting nutrition and chronic diseases. A number of faculty with primary appointments in the Department of Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences have expertise in nutritional sciences, with research emphases in the areas of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (e.g., obesity, diabetes), cancer, and aging. In addition, more than 50 faculty from 28 departments and divisions in the University’s Colleges of Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Nursing, Agriculture, Education, and Arts & Sciences are affiliated with the Nutritional Sciences Division, providing expertise in other specialty areas including nutrition and oxidative stress, clinical nutrition, animal nutrition, and food science.