Emeritus Professors


The Unified Theory of PAH Carcinogenicity accommodates the activities of methylated and
non-methylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and states that substitution of methyl
groups on meso-methyl substituted PAHs with hydroxy, acetoxy, chloride, bromide or sulfuric
acid ester groups imparts potent cancer producing properties.

Dr. Flesher's latest publications:

"One electron oxidation of 3-methylcholanthrene: A chemical model for its mechanism of carcinogenesis " will be published in the Journal of Molecular Structure Volume 1137, in the 5 June 2017 issue, Pages 67–83

"Structure, function and carcinogenicity of metabolites of methylated and non-methylated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: a comprehensive review" was published February 24th 2016 in the journal Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods.


Dr. Iwamoto's  past research investigated the central mechanisms of opioid and nicotine-induced pain relief. Dr. Iwamoto is enjoying his retirement by traveling the world with his wife Mary and playing duplicate bridge.


Past Research: Derivatives of phlorizin, the competitive inhibitor of glucose transport across the brush border of intestine and kidney, have been synthesized leading to the construction of 1) a photo-affinity labeling agent to identify the components of the membrane transporter; 2) an agent with the unexpected ability to reverse the malformation of the sickled red blood cell to its normal biconcave flexible bi-concave disk form. The agent was projected as a useful agent to reverse the acute onset sickling crisis in Sickle Cell Anemia patients;  3) the preparation of a matrix possessing multiple, effectively spaced inhibitor moieties. This complex was capable of reducing the post-prandial duodenal absorption of glucose and insulin release without causing malabsorption in animal tests and was viewed as a possible remedy  in managing the obese diabetic patient. We obtained U.S. Patents for these agents.

Current activities: Camping with motorhome, tent and canoe in Canada and 49 US states; world wide travel adventures; stained glass hobby.