Dr. Florin Despa recognized at a reception honoring faculty promoted in UK

Posted: 9/1/2017
Dr. Florin Despa was recently recognized at a reception honoring faculty promoted in UK’s College of Medicine. Dr. Despa is now a full Professor and among eleven other faculty achieving this rank in the college during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Congratulations to Dr. Sanda Despa

Posted: 9/1/2017
Congratulations to Dr. Sanda Despa who is the recipient of a new NIH R01 award entitled “Role of myocyte dysregulation in diabetic heart disease”. This ~$450K award from the National Institute of Heart, Lung and Blood Institute is funded through July 2021.

Dr. Shuxia Wang appointed to UK’s Biological Sciences Area Advisory

Posted: 9/1/2017
Dr. Shuxia Wang was recently appointed to UK’s Biological Sciences Area Advisory Committee. This appointment comes directly from President Capilouto and Dr. Wang will serve in an advisory capacity to both the Provost and the President on matters regarding the appointment, promotion and tenure of faculty. Congratulations, Dr. Wang, on this distinct recognition. 

2018 - Undergraduate Research Experience In Environmental Health Sciences

Posted: 4/14/2017
Undergraduate Research Experience in Environmental Health Sciences (SURES) Program (2018)A research-training program for undergraduates after their sophomore year.  This program is specifically for students who are interested in a careers in environmental health scienceshttps://surfsures.blogspot.com/Students will:• Gain research experience in research in:            -Environmental exposures (heavy metals, organics, soil-based pathogens, nanomaterials, tobacco smoke and radon)           -Environmentally associated diseases (cancer, neuropathology and metabolic diseases)  •... FULL STORY

3rd Annual Symposium - Healthy Hearts For Women

Posted: 12/22/2016
Organized by Drs. Loria and Yiannikouris.Sponsored by the Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, SAHA Cardiovascular Research Center, and the Gill Heart InstituteScheduled Speakers:  Dr. Jane F. Reckelhoff  Title: “Sex differences in blood pressure control”Billy S. Guyton Distinguished ProfessorChair, Department of BiochemistryDirector, Women's Health Research Center Director, Research Development, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs University of Mississippi Medical Center Dr. Donna ArnettTitle: “Using AHA’s Life Simple Seven to Build Cardiovascular Health”Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Public Health.Faculty member... FULL STORY

UK Researcher Traces Molecular Pathways to Obesity and Cardiovascular

Posted: 12/22/2016
An array of scientific evidence demonstrates a correlation between diets high in fat and cholesterol content and blockages in the arteries, which lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD). But a lesser-known risk factor for CVD is exposure to the chemical compound biphenyl A, or BPA, a base component of consumer plastic products such as water bottles. A fundamental and ubiquitous commodity in modern life, plastics are inexpensive to produce, with more than 300 million tons processed in 2010. The World Economic Forum warns the amount of plastic in the world’s oceans will exceed the amount of fish, in terms of weight, by 2050 at the current rate of production. As a base... FULL STORY
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Al-Siraj’s Sex Chromosome Study Published in Circulation

Posted: 12/14/2016
Yasir Al-Siraj, a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, is the lead author of a paper published in Circulation, a leading journal on cardiovascular medicine. The article, “Female Mice with an XY Sex Chromosome Complement Develop Severe Angiotensin II-Induced Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms,” was co-authored by UK colleagues Sean E. Thatcher, Richard Charnigo, Kuey Chen, Eric Blalock, Alan Daugherty and Lisa Cassis.Al-Siraj said about Circulation, “It is very respected in the scientific community, and this journal has only an 8 percent acceptance rate, with a bias towards clinical studies. So... FULL STORY
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Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences Students

Posted: 12/6/2016
Our Graduate Students recently participated in the "Cards for Hospitalized Kids"  drive. They channeled their artistic sides and hand made close to 50 holiday cards for sick children spending the holidays in the hospital.The department is proud of its students for their time and kind efforts!From left to rigtht top row: Heather Norman, Yasir Al-Siraj, Marion Coe, David Schnell, Jared HoffmanFrom left to rignt bottom row: Kaia Hampton, Courtney Turpin, Kaiyuan Tan, Jessie Hoffman and Nika LarianMerry Christmas Everybody!

Hollie Swanson: Publishing a manuscript as a class project....

Posted: 11/18/2016
The recent publication of the manuscript entitled "Current and Emerging Uses of Statins in Clinical Therapeutics: A Review" with my co-authors (Jonathan T. Davies, Spencer F. Delfino, Chad E. Feinberg, Meghan F. Johnson, Veronica L. Nappi, Joshua T. Olinger and Anthony P. Schwab) represents a milestone of a year-long, collaborative endeavor. My journey with this group of talented and intelligent students began last fall in PHA 422 (Treatment of Human Diseases) when I assigned a case study that focused on how the recent guidelines by the American Heart Association may impact our use of statins. As I read their insightful answers to the questions that I had posed, I became... FULL STORY

Nika Larian Maps Interactions between Nutrients, Exposures & Diabetes

Posted: 10/20/2016
Nika Larian, a PhD student in Lisa Cassis's lab at the UK Superfund Research Center, is studying the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, or AHR, a transcription factor with roles in drug metabolism and detoxification. She explains that if you knock out AHR in the fat tissue of mice, you can prevent the development of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)-induced diabetes. PCBs are toxins that are present in the environment and have been linked to type 2 diabetes."I'm investigating natural components of the microbiome that are influenced by a high-fat diet, and may also be altered by exposure to PCBs. The microbiome is influenced by what we eat, including the consumption of a high-fat... FULL STORY
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Posted: 9/30/2016
The NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) on Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases, in collaboration with the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences (CCTS) announce the availability of limited funds to support pilot projects focused on research examining obesity-associated diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, others). These pilot grants are intended to assist investigators new to this area of research to generate sufficient data to be competitive for extramural funding. Funding Amount:Individual project awards, up to $50,000 in direct costs only will be made on a competitive basis which must be spent over 12 months.Eligibility:Eligibility is... FULL STORY
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Robin Shoemaker-Council on Hypertension Awardee

Posted: 9/22/2016
Robin Shoemaker-Council on Hypertension Awardee. The American Heart Association held its annual Council on Hypertension session September 14-17th in Orlando, Florida. Our congratulations to Dr. Robin Shoemaker for winning an award in the Postdoctoral category entitled “Mas Receptor Deficiency Promotes Hypertension in Obese Female Mice and Cardiac Dysfunction in Obese Male Mice”. The Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences was well represented as Drs. Lisa Cassis, Analia Loria and Frederique Yiannikouris were present as well and selected for podium presentations. Obesity-related hypertension is a significant problem, particularly in Kentucky, and a major risk... FULL STORY