Summer Undergraduate Researchers in the Department

Congratulations to all undergraduate student researchers and their mentors:

Miriam Hill (Xavier University, Louisianna) - Dr. Hollie Swanson 
Amanda Hoskins (University of Kentucky) - Drs.Sanda and Florin Despa 
Sydney Lammers (University of Kentucky) - Dr. Changcheng Zhou 
John Pina  (University of Kentucky) - Dr. Olivier Thibault
Meghan Turner  (University of Kentucky) - Dr. Elizabeth Head

upon completion of their projects and participating in the ASPET SURF program hosted by Dr. Hollie Swanson and the Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences. Dr. Donna Weber also kindly coordinated aspects of the program.

Joseph Herald and Tucker Schweickart (Dr. Analia Loria), Josh Preston (Dr. Kevin Pearson) and Ann Wu (Dr. Florin Despa and Ms. Han Ly) also worked on summer research projects and participated in a poster forum.  The future of biomedical sciences is in the hands of some very bright and highly motivated young scientists!