Recent Awards for Pharmacology & Nutritional Sciences

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the following:
Dr. Lisa Cassis and colleagues (Drs. Andrew Morris, Wendy Katz, Changcheng Zhou and Kevin Pearson) – NIH Phase III Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE)
Dr. Frederique Yiannikouris – a new NIH R01
Dr. Rina Plattner – renewed her R01, NIH supplement and Lloyd Foundation
Dr. Zhenheng Guo – a new R01 and VA Award
Dr. Barbara Nikolajczyk – 2 NIH Awards transferred
Dr. Jia Luo – a new R21 and a VA Award extended
Dr. Analia Loria – an NIH supplement
Dr. Ai-Ling Lin – an NIH supplement
Dr. Olivier Thibault – an NIH supplement
Dr. Florin Despa – AHA Student Fellowship
Dr. Hollie Swanson – UK-CARES Pilot Project – NIEHS
Dr. Kevin Pearson - UK-CARES Pilot Project – NIEHS
Dr. Marlene Starr - a new NIH R01