F. Despa, L. Cassis, J. Luo - New Funding for Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences!

Congratulations to Dr. Florin Despa and colleagues for receiving TWO new grants to study the pathology of amylin dysregulation in neurodegenerative and/or vascular disease. His new NIH R01 is entitled “Role of Systemic Amylin Dyshomeostasis in Alzheimer’s Disease” and his AHA award is entitled “Amylin Vasculopathy, A Therapeutic Target to Reduce Stroke”.

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Cassis and her colleagues for the successful renewal of her NIH R01 award entitled “Sex Differences in Angiotensin-Induced Vascular Diseases”. Her laboratory’s ongoing studies in this area have shed light on the significant differences in the risk for aneurysms among the sexes.

Dr. Jia LuoCongratulations to Dr. Jia Luo and colleagues for the successful renewal of his NIH R01 entitled “GSK 3BETA, a Mediator of Ethanol Neurotoxicity”. Elucidating ethanol signaling pathways is an important step toward the development of therapies to counter the debilitating effects of ethanol on the brain.