UK Hosts 7th Annual Barnstable Brown Obesity and Diabetes Research Day

The Barnstable Brown Kentucky Diabetes and Obesity Center hosted its seventh annual Obesity and Diabetes Research Day on Thursday, May 18 at the Lee T. Todd Biomedical Pharmaceutical Complex Building. The...

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Pharmacology and Nutritional Students participate in the 2017 Central KY Heart Walk

The department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences' student association (NSPS) participated Saturday May 13th 2017 in the 2017 Central KY Heart WalkThey helped raise more than $500 for the cause and...

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NEEDED: SURES Program - Near-Peer Mentoring

Dr. Swanson is currently recruiting graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to serve as near-peer mentors for our SURES (Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Environmental Health Sciences).In this...

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2017 - Undergraduate Research Experience In Environmental Health Sciences (SURES) Program

Undergraduate Research Experience in Environmental Health Sciences (SURES) ProgramA research-training program for undergraduates after their sophomore year.  This program is specifically for students who are...

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3rd Annual Symposium - Healthy Hearts For Women

Organized by Drs. Loria and Yiannikouris.Sponsored by the Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, SAHA Cardiovascular Research Center, and the Gill Heart InstituteScheduled Speakers:  Dr. Jane F....

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UK Researcher Traces Molecular Pathways to Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease

An array of scientific evidence demonstrates a correlation between diets high in fat and cholesterol content and blockages in the arteries, which lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD). But a lesser-known risk...

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Al-Siraj’s Sex Chromosome Study Published in Circulation

Yasir Al-Siraj, a Ph.D. candidate in the University of Kentucky College of Medicine Department of Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences, is the lead author of a paper published in Circulation, a leading...

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Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences Students

Our Graduate Students recently participated in the "Cards for Hospitalized Kids"  drive. They channeled their artistic sides and hand made close to 50 holiday cards for sick children spending the holidays in...

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Hollie Swanson: Publishing a manuscript as a class project....

The recent publication of the manuscript entitled "Current and Emerging Uses of Statins in Clinical Therapeutics: A Review" with my co-authors (Jonathan T. Davies, Spencer F. Delfino, Chad E. Feinberg, Meghan...

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Nika Larian Maps Interactions between Nutrients, Exposures & Diabetes

Nika Larian, a PhD student in Lisa Cassis's lab at the UK Superfund Research Center, is studying the aryl hydrocarbon receptor, or AHR, a transcription factor with roles in drug metabolism and detoxification....

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VIDEO: What Motivates UK Vice President for Research Lisa Cassis?

When Lisa Cassis isn’t in her cardiovascular research lab, you’ll find her leading the research enterprise at the University of Kentucky. How does the UK researcher balance her time in the lab and in the...

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FUNDING OPPORTUNITY from The Center For Biomedical Research Excellence on Obesity And Cardiovascular Diseases (COCVD)

The NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) on Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases (see supports research focused on mechanisms linking obesity to cardiovascular...

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Robin Shoemaker-Council on Hypertension Awardee

Robin Shoemaker-Council on Hypertension Awardee. The American Heart Association held its annual Council on Hypertension session September 14-17th in Orlando, Florida. Our congratulations to Dr. Robin Shoemaker...

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Dr. Jia Luo

F. Despa, L. Cassis, J. Luo - New Funding for Pharmacology and Nutritional Sciences!

Congratulations to Dr. Florin Despa and colleagues for receiving TWO new grants to study the pathology of amylin dysregulation in neurodegenerative and/or vascular disease. His new NIH R01 is entitled “Role of...

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Summer Undergraduate Researchers in the Department

Congratulations to all undergraduate student researchers and their mentors:Miriam Hill (Xavier University, Louisianna) - Dr. Hollie Swanson Amanda Hoskins (University of Kentucky) - Drs.Sanda and Florin Despa ...

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UK Scientist Profiles Get 324,000 Views on LabTV

Over the last six months, videos of 22 biomedical researchers from the University of Kentucky, featured on the national website LabTV, have garnered 324,000 views. features thousands of researchers...

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